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Giulio Rubesa

Managing Director - Monaco
Managing Director - Monaco
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Lockton P.L. Ferrari
Lockton P.L. Ferrari
Lockton P.L. Ferrari
Lockton P.L. Ferrari
Lockton P.L. Ferrari
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Giulio has worked on board classic sailing Yachts and subsequently Cruise Vessels. Furthermore, for several years Giulio attended, as bowman, national and international regattas onboard various racing sailing boats.

On 1981 Giulio joined the Claims Department of  PL Ferrari and Co where he learned how to handle all types of P&I claims and FD&D disputes with main focus on loss and or damage to  cargo, illness and injury to crew, third parties and pax, Oil Pollution, Damage to fixed and floating objects, Collisions, Sinking, Groundings, General Average, fire , explosions, wreck removals, Charter Parties disputes of all kind etc.

Giulio ended up leading, jointly with a colleague, the Claims Department of PLF Group. He held that role/position until 1994 when he moved to Montecarlo to better service their fast-growing shipping community.

With a solid background on P&I and FD&D claims handling, Giulio moved to underwriting and started  ‘’tayloring'' and  placing the following main covers:

P&I, FD&D, SOL, Contractual and Specialist risks extensions, Error and Omissions/Professional Liability, Trade Disruption and related covers.

FOR: ShipOwners, ShipManagers, Operators/Charterers and Traders

FOR:  all kind of vessels, i.e. from coastal tankers to VLCC, from HandyMax  bunkers to Capesize, for tugs and barges, Cargo and Pax Ferries, Livestocks, Cruise /Pax vessels, Containers, LNG and LPG, off shore supply units, cable layers, seismic vessel, heavy lift, accommodation/crew boats,  Yachts.

Giulio serve many traditional/family controlled shipping Co involved in the dry bulk and petroleum sector and Co involved in the Cruise industry, mainly in the Med , Switzerland, Germany, UK, former Soviet Unions Countries and USA .  Giulio is also very proud to have had the opportunity and privilege to serve, for more than two decades, respectively the world biggest ShipManager Company  and the world biggest operator of MR Tankers,  assisting them in engineering/structuring/placing and handling their P&I/FD&D insurance plan.

Giulio’s motto ‘’I don't stop when I’m tired , I stop when I’m done’’