Our Service

We pride ourselves on putting the client at the centre of all that we do, providing an unrivalled, 360° service.

Our offering spreads across all aspects of programme design, placement, documentation, accounting and claims handling.

Our unique claims handling capability – a virtual outsourcing of claims handling needs – truly differentiates Lockton P.L. Ferrari and all our resources are at the disposal of our clients, as part of the Lockton P.L. Ferrari value added service, through the dedicated account team on a 24/7 basis.

In addition, our market-leading publications and analysis deliver our intellectual capital in an accessible format, not only informing our clients, but also helping to shape the industry agendas.

Insurance Placement

A complete 360° service at your disposal provided by professionals for professionals. Our unique understanding of a client’s operating profile, strategic goals and risk appetite delivers cutting-edge and specifically designed programmes.
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Claims Services

Wherever our clients are in the world, our claims experts are always on hand.
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Entries, Certification & Accounting

Our dedicated Entries, Certification & Accounting team arranges and manages all of our clients’ needs with efficient processes that eliminate errors and speed delivery of the documentation essential for a vessel’s operations.
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Data Science

At Lockton P.L. Ferrari, reports, statistical analyses and analytics are just some of the tools we have used for many years to provide to our valuable clients with the expertise and the insightful guidance they deserve.
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