Our Service

We place clients at the centre. Then we build around that, adding programme design, placement, documentation, accounting and claims handling as required.

Our claims handling capability makes us unique and  is fully accessible 24/7 to every client via a single point of contact - a dedicated account manager.

This expertise, and our knowledge of the complex maritime legal regimes, allows us to conduct contract reviews for our client – over 3,000 contracts a year with a global network of colleagues with legal qualifications in English and US law.

We pride ourselves on our market-leading publications and intellectual analysis which bring insight and intelligence to our clients and also helps to shape the wider industry agenda.

Insurance Placement

Our vantage point is a significant differentiator. Supported by 60 years of P&I growth, we have an unrivalled body of knowledge relating to this complex and specialist niche market.
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Claims Services

Our claims experts are wherever our clients need them to be.
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Entries, Certification & Accounting

Speed and accuracy are the fundamental values of our Entries, Certification & Accounting team.
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Data Science

Having long recognised the value of data analytics as a valuable tool for helping us make correct decisions in a timely manner, we established our groundbreaking Global Marine Data Department in June 2023.
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