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Jan 10, 2022
Lockton P.L. Ferrari

Renewal Bulletin No. 18/21

5th January 2022

The International Group has announced the reinsurance tariff rates for all Owners’entries to take effect at renewal of 20th February 2022.

Tonnage category / 2021 rate US$/GT • Change US$/GT • 2022 rate US$/GT

Persistent Oil tankers / 0.5625 • 0.0844 • 0.6469

Clean Tankers / 0.2619 • 0.1047 • 0.3666

Dry / 0.4028 • 0.1611 • 0.5639

FCC* / 0.4249 • 0.2337 • 0.6586

Passenger / 3.2624 • 0.6053 • 3.8677

FCCs* = Fully Cellular Container Ships

As already anticipated a deterioration of the P&I claims affected both the GroupPool and the Reinsurance partners and led the Group to pay an increase inpremiums to the market to renew its 2022 reinsurance programme. TheReinsurance Committee has analysed the vessel categories, leaving the same fiveas last year but adjusting the relative rates according to the historical claimsperformance.

The Individual Club Retention (ICR) for the policy year 2022/23 will remainunchanged at US$ 10 million, as well as the Poolstructure above that, up to theattachment point for the GXL at US$ 100 million. The GXL programme remainssubstantially unaltered: the main GXL placement (US$ 2Bn in excess of US$ 100m)has been split in 4 layers, with the Collective Overspill (US$ 1Bn excess of US$2.1Bn) renewed with premium included within the overall rate per GT.

For Malicious Cyber, Covid and Pandemic risks there is free and unlimited coverfor claims up to US$ 450 million excess of US$ 100 million, covering almost allGroup Clubs’ certificated risks. The excess of the above US$ 550 million arecovered under an annual aggregate cover up to US$ 2.15Bn, while the excess upto US$ 3.1Bn is pooled between Group Clubs, resulting practically in no change toMembers’ cover.

The diagram below illustrates the layers and participation structure of the GXLprogramme for 2022/23. Download the complete pdf to see the diagram

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