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Nov 28, 2022
Lockton P.L. Ferrari

Renewal Bulletin No. 11/22 - Club North of England

25th November 2022

  • A 10% increase in premium rates for P&I Mutual and Fixed Premiums entries.
  • All crew and other people related claims deductibles below US$50,000 will beincreased by a minimum of US$2,500. All cargo and other claims deductibles will be increased by a minimum of US$1,000.
  • Members’ rates will also be adjusted to incorporate any changes in the costing and structure of the International Group General Excess of Loss reinsurance programme.
  • A 15% General Increase in premium rates for FD&D Mutual and Fixed Premium entries.
  • FD&D Rules deductible is to remain at 25%, with the minimum of US$10,000 per claim, but to remove the maximum deductible limit of US$150,000 per claim.

At the recent Board meeting, the Club has considered its financial position and decidedthe renewal requirements as above. In addition, the Club circular sets out the mainhighlights:

  • The year to date has seen a reduced level of both retained as well as Pool claims.
  • The underwriting results were impacted negatively by the elevated claims experience of the last few years.
  • Given the volatility in investment performance in the second half of last year, a significant investment loss at the financial year end 2023 is expected.
  • In addition, the war in Ukraine, and the consequent geopolitical impact on generalinflation worldwide would add further complexity to claims experience in the coming year.
  • The release call is set at 15%.

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