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May 25, 2022
Lockton P.L. Ferrari

Newsletter 04-22

25th May 2022

Following the recent developments of the Russian – Ukrainian situation, the UKGovernment published a General Trade Licence that impacts all Members insured with UK-domiciled IG Group P&I Clubs, and mandates that Clubs are to collect and maintain recordsof transits through Russian waters and calls to Russian ports.

This legislation is in addition to sanctions regulations and imposes a licensing requirementfor lawful trade, operating in accordance with sanctions restrictions, to enable Clubs toinsure and handle claims arising from such trade to and from, or transiting through, Russianwaters.

All vessels owners (regardless of flag or domicile of member or ship) are thereforerequested to provide to the Clubs within one month of a call to any Russian port or a transitthrough Russian waters the information requested together with a copy of the bill(s) oflading for the relevant voyage.

Failure by Members to provide the necessary information requested may invalidatetheir P&I cover or deny them claims coverage and therefore compliance is of vitalimportance.

The circulars issued by each Club on this matter together with the description of thenecessary data to provide in this respect of each transit through Russian waters and callsto Russian ports can be found at the following links:

The Standard Club club-circulars/18_May_2022__Standard_UK_circular_-_General_Trade_Licence.pdf club-circulars/18_May_2022__Standard_Asia_circular_-_General_Trade_Licence.pdf club-circulars/18_May_2022__Standard_Ireland_circular_-_General_Trade_Licence.pdf

Steamship Mutual

North of England transiting-russian-territorial-waters/

West of England marc/


Skuld waters/

Britannia P&I transiting-Russian-territorial-waters-05-2022.pdf

Shipowners Reporting-of-vessel-calls-to-Russia-and-transiting-Russian-territorial-waters.pdf


The London P&I Club

The Swedish Club vessel-calls-to-russia-and-transiting-russian-territorial-waters

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