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Nov 16, 2021
Lockton P.L. Ferrari

General Increase Bulletin No. 10/21

15th November 2021

P&I Mutual entries

  • No General Increase

  • Fixed Premium P&I entries

  • A +10% increase on expiring fixed premiums.

  • Mutual and Fixed Premium FDD entries

  • A +12.5% increase on expiring premiums.

  • The recent committee meeting for the Standard Club Coastal & Inland Class (previously operatingunder the name Standard London Class) has concluded that P&I mutual owners/members withsatisfactory records and risk profiles should be offered renewal on an as expiring basis, whichreflects the class’s continuing sound financial position. Additional costs in respect of the InternationalGroup excess of loss reinsurance programme will be passed on to owners and members.

    The cost of the club’s non-pool reinsurance programme has increased, and indications are that it isexpected to increase further into 2022/23 hence the +10% increase on expiring P&I fixed premiumentries.

    Accounts with adverse records or unacceptable risk profiles will, as usual, be subject to individualnegotiation.

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